Rental Agreement Checklist

As a tenant, signing a rental agreement is a crucial step in the process of securing a new home. However, it is important to carefully review the terms of the agreement before signing on the dotted line. A rental agreement checklist can help ensure that you are fully aware of the terms and conditions of your new rental.

1. Lease term: Make sure the lease term is clearly stated in the agreement and that it aligns with your rental timeline. If you plan on staying in the rental for longer than the lease term, be sure to ask about renewals.

2. Rent amount and due date: Check that the monthly rent amount and due date are accurate and fit within your budget. It is also important to know the consequences of late rent payments or bounced checks.

3. Security deposit: Understand the amount of the security deposit and any conditions for its return at the end of the lease term. Ask about the process for documenting pre-existing damages to the property and how to request repairs during your tenancy.

4. Maintenance responsibilities: Review the rental agreement to determine who is responsible for maintenance and repairs. This may include everything from lawn care to appliance repairs and will affect your comfort and expenses while living in the rental.

5. Pet policy: If you plan on bringing a pet, check if they are allowed in the rental and any additional fees that may apply. Make sure to understand the guidelines for pet behavior and any consequences for not following the rules.

6. Move-in and move-out procedures: Take note of specific move-in and move-out procedures, such as procedures for key exchange, inspection, cleaning, and any additional fees.

7. Landlord access: Understand the landlord’s right to access the rental during your tenancy, including any notices or conditions required for entry.

Signing a rental agreement can feel like a daunting task, but using a rental agreement checklist can help ensure that nothing is overlooked. By reviewing the agreement carefully, you can feel confident in your rental decision and avoid any surprises down the road.