Rural Carrier Agreement to Terminate Guarantee

Rural Carrier Agreement to Terminate Guarantee: What You Need to Know

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has recently announced that it will be terminating the Rural Carrier Agreement (RCA) guarantee. This news has been met with mixed reactions, as many rural carriers depend on this agreement for a steady income.

What is the Rural Carrier Agreement?

The Rural Carrier Agreement is a contract between the USPS and rural carriers that provides them with a guaranteed minimum income. This income is based on the number of hours worked and the number of miles driven. The agreement is designed to ensure that rural carriers are fairly compensated for their work, even if they are not able to deliver all of the mail in their assigned areas.

Why is the Guarantee Being Terminated?

According to the USPS, the termination of the RCA guarantee is part of a broader effort to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The agency notes that rural carriers already receive competitive wages and benefits, and that the guarantee is no longer necessary.

Some critics of the decision argue that rural carriers will be unfairly impacted by the change, as they often work in areas with lower mail volumes and more difficult terrain. They also point out that the guarantee provides a sense of stability and security for rural carriers who may not have as many job opportunities in their areas.

What does this Mean for Rural Carriers?

The termination of the RCA guarantee will impact rural carriers differently depending on their individual situations. Some carriers may see a decrease in their income, while others may not be impacted at all. The USPS notes that rural carriers will still be paid for all of the hours they work and the miles they drive, but they will no longer be guaranteed a certain minimum amount.

Rural carriers who are concerned about the impact of the agreement termination should consider exploring other job opportunities or seeking additional training to enhance their skills and make themselves more marketable. They may also want to discuss their concerns with their USPS supervisors or union representatives to see if there are any options for addressing their needs.


The termination of the Rural Carrier Agreement guarantee is a significant change for the USPS and for rural carriers. While the decision is expected to help the agency reduce costs and increase efficiency, it may also impact the livelihoods of rural carriers who depend on the guarantee for a steady income. It is important for rural carriers to stay informed about the changes and to explore their options for adapting to the new reality.